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Whats's NEW

NOW if you look at the PKO website.. u can see a lot of news and information.. so this is last few week's summary of things that have changed in PKO
Online Purchase Revamp
Jul 02, 2009 15:38 pm SGT
Dear players, our online Rum purchase page has been revamped and the payment process has been edited to serve you better. To view our new purchase page, you can click here or go to Only Paypal and internet banking will be accepted for the time being.

For purchase over S$200.00 in a single transaction, you will also be entitled for our bulk purchase reward redemption program. To view the prizes available for redemption, please click here.
Item Scan
Jul 17, 2009 17:12 pm SGT

Ahoy there seafarers!

It’s been quite some time since the new governor started scanning for illegal and duped items in our fair lands. After countless mishaps and having survived several assassination plots by yer old baddies out there, the governor has decided that there is a need to rest and thus ended the scan. After some consideration (and heated debates amongst his lieutenants), he has announced the compensation as below:

Lv8 UG/RG - 750 rum/per gem
Lv9 UG/RG - 1500 rum/per gem

Lv7 BDG - 1000 rum/per gem
Lv8 BDG - 1750 rum/per gem
Lv9 BDG - 2500 rum/per gem

Rums spent on forging service will be returned.

Players who can prove his purchase will be given the above mentioned compensation by emailing us at . If there are any land lubbers who think they are wrongly compensated, email us too and we will look into it on a case by case basis.

However the governor knows there are some smarties out there who have somehow escaped his watchful eyes. Remember, he is only taking a rest! His ever roving eyes and spies will still be scanning the land for unlawful possession of items. Players who have forged their equipments to above +13 (UG + BDG in 2 slots) from now onwards will only be subjected to a log check to see if the gems were obtained before or after the scan has concluded. Gems obtained before will still be subjected to extraction and of course, compensation if applicable. Gems obtained after can safely remain in the equipments. Other items will be subjected to a item scan on a random basis so as to ensure that nobody can duplicate them, that is if a new duplication method has been discovered in the first place.

Death sets

We will be removing any death sets from players whose names are not in the list shown here anytime starting from next week (20th July). Players who feel that the set rightfully belongs to them should email us at and we will look into them in a case by case basis.

As in the real world, we are constantly trying our best to make Pirate King Online a fun and fair environment for all. We need your support in curbing any illegal activities by providing us with valuable feedbacks and suspicions. Only with your full support, will we be able to operate with a clear view and bring the game to a higher and more fun-filled peak in the all new version 2.0.

Server Maintenance 21/07/09
Jul 20, 2009 17:43 pm SGT
Dear players,

Servers will be down for regular maintenance on the 21st July 2009 from 1030am to 1230pm.

For this maintenance:

- Guilds with less than 15 level 40 characters will be cleared.

- Amazing Race event will be brought down.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
PKO 1.38 Championship
Jul 15, 2009 17:10 pm SGT
Pirate King Online v1.38 Championship!

Who will be the best PK Team in the era of Pirate King Online 1.38? This will be the last major event of Pirate King Online ver1.38 before we move on our journey to Pirate King Online 2.0!!

There will only be a total of 32 teams available for sign up (16 per server). Gather your friends and sign up for this tournament now!

Event Date
8 August 2009 (Team 1 - 8) - Azov Server
9 August 2009 (Team 1 - 8) - Crete Server
15 August 2009 (Team 9 - 16) - Crete Server
16 August 2009 (Team 9 - 16) - Azov Server
22 August 2009 (Semi Final) - Azov & Crete Server
23 August 2009 (Final) - Azov & Crete Server

Match timing for every team will be announced by 4 August 2009.

Sign up now!!

Conditions to apply
Genuine character names will be required to deduct for admission fee.
200 Rum admission fee required for each participant
Challenging team will only receive their customized character's account info 1 day before the event commence.
Account information will be pass down to every team leaders. (Leaders are to pass distribute the IDs to its members)
Event will be hosted on only one server at one time.

Event Venue
Argent City Bar

Event Regulation
1. Wait patiently for instruction during the event.
2. No changing of team members after end of registration date.
3. Match will proceed on, even without all members online.
4. Team leader can request for forfeit if not enough members online. (No refund)
5. Participant who do not have enough rum by end of submission date will result in getting forfieted.
6. Potions and other consumable items will not be usable in this event. (Inventory will be locked)
7. The last man standing will determine who is the winning team.
8. Participant will be forfeited if caught spamming, insulting, flaming or using of obscenities/vulgarities.
9. Judge decision is final.

Registration End Date
31 July 2009

Event Details
- Team challenge will exercise in race to 3 basis (By winning 3 rounds to win the match)
- Participant is able to choose any class. (Maximum of 2 same class in 1 team)
- Each team can have up to 5 members. (1 party leader + 4 members)
- A brand new character will be customized by the management with the following attribute;
Level 85 Character
300 Stats Point
200 Skill Level Points
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)

Grand Prize
10,000 Rum

2nd Prize
5,000 Rum

3rd Prize
3,000 Rum

PS: Prize value may be reduced if total registered teams are less than 28.

Standard Equipment set for each class

2 Crusader Death Scythe (defensive)
1 Death Hood
1 Crusader Death Torso
1 Crusader Death Gloves
1 Crusader Death Boots
2 Peter's Call Ring
1 Soul Generator
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)
All maxed Crusader Skills.

1 Champion Death Scythe (defensive)
1 Death Hood
1 Champion Death Torso
1 Champion Death Gloves
1 Champion Death Boots
1 Peter's Call Ring
1 Daniel's Regret Ring
1 Soul Generator
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)
All maxed Champion Skills.

1 Sharpshooter Death Gun (defensive)
1 Death Hood
1 Sharpshooter Death Torso
1 Sharpshooter Death Gloves
1 Sharpshooter Death Boots
1 Ray's Fury Ring
1 Kiss of Nic Ring
1 Soul Generator
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)
All maxed Sharpshooter Skills.

1 Voyager Death Scythe (defensive)
1 Death Hood
1 Voyager Death Torso
1 Voyager Death Gloves
1 Voyager Death Boots
1 Consecration of Priestess Ring
Wind Coral of Fujin
Thunder Coral of Thor
1 Lv 5 Strike Coral
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)
All maxed Voyager Skills.

1 Cleric Death Scythe (defensive)
1 Death Hood
1 Cleric Death Torso
1 Cleric Death Gloves
1 Cleric Death Boots
2 Consecration of Priestess Ring
1 Soul Generator
99 Revival Clover
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)
All maxed Cleric Skills.

Seal Master
1 Seal Master Death Scythe (defensive)
1 Death Hood
1 Seal Master Death Torso
1 Seal Master Death Gloves
1 Seal Master Death Boots
1 Consecration of Priestess Ring
1 Daniel's Regret Ring
99 Magical Clover
1 Soul Generator
Level 250 1st Generation Fairy (50 to each stats)
All maxed Seal Master Skills.

Thats all for now. stay tuned

Sorry Once again

Sorry all once again .. my internet was disconnected for so long and my computer broke down.. now i have finally got it fixed i hope that your willl continue to follow and look at my blog thank you. oh by the way i willl work doublily as hard :D

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Sorry for the lack of posts!

sorry for the lack of posts this past week have been real busy doing alot of things :D sorry all my friends who have been checking!

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[Champion] DangWoZeSi Life Experience in PKO (Simple Guide)

First of all, I'd try to make this Guide short and sweet. Well, you may take it as a reference, since it's not really a Guide. =x It's through my experience in PKO. Hope it'll help abit to all fellows wannabe Champions out there =)

My opinion about Champions?
Skip this part if you're not interested to know. =x
Everyone knows what's the role for Champions. Tank, tank, tank and more tankings!
- Tanking is easy, but what's challenging to play a Champion, is the "Art of Luring". It requires experience and skills. By practicing is the only way to make yourself a good lurer.

- Are Champions good for PK? Well, this is a question many people would ask. As for me, I think it's good for PK. It's an easy job for Champion to take down Crusaders and Sharpshooters, even if they are 5 levels above you.
If we're talking about equal level PK, the only threat to you are:
- Con Built Voyagers
- Seal Masters
- Battle Clerics

Yeah, we all know that Champion has high HP and Defense. But too bad, this game doesn't have Magic Defense. Therefore, all magic users are able to Own you!!

BUT!! There's a way to Own these Magic Users, and it's the only way.
GET A GOOD WEAPON! AND THAT'S ALL YOU NEED! Please don't be stupid and add STR when you're still low level. If you did, go remake your char. I'm serious!

What Skills/Stats should Champion learn? I'd recommend:
- Concentration : Lv2
- Sword Mastery : Lv3
- Break Armor : Lv4
- Tiger Roar : Lv5
- Greatsword Mastery : Lv10
- Strengthen : Lv3
- Mighty Strike : Lv2
- Howl : Lv1
- Blood Bull : Lv10
- Primal Rage : Lv10
- Illusion Slash : Lv10
- Taunt : Lv1

To get all above skills, you'll be around level 69 or 70. (Sorry, didn't really count it =x)

From level 65 onwards, you'll get 2 skillpoints every 5 levels. Example Level 65, 70, 75, etc..

From Level 60 onwards, you'll get 2stats point per level.
Con : 100 (You'll max your base Con at Level 64)
- After you hit level 64, STR will be next you'll need to add.

What else should Champion get to be strong?
- A FAIRY! A PURE CON Fairy! If you doesn't have a CON Fairy by now, you should get it soon.
Breeding a Fairy is expensive. Especially the amount of Fairy Ration it takes to level it up. But it's worth your money. Try to get one soon when you can afford it.

Ok now, talking about what skills are good for PK? I'd recommend:
- Howl (level 1)
- Primal Rage (level 10)
- Illusion Slash (level 10)

- If you're against a Crusader or Sharpshooter, Illusion Slash and Primal Rage is all you need. Howl is very useful to detect stealth Crusaders.

- If you're against a Cleric, SealMaster or Voyager. Don't be afraid of them and run away. Chase them to the corner! Champion should PK agressively, since we have so much HP. Just keep doing Illusion Slash and Normal Attack on them will do. As there's not much delays right after you cast Illusion Slash. *But remember, try to dodge Voyager's Couch Ray if possible.*

Let's start moving further into the game! =)

For new players, I'll recommend you to start off at Icicle Town.
Step 1. Talk to Newbie Guide Senna (2223,2785)
Step 2. Follow the instruction that Newbie Guide Senna gave. In no time, you'll get yourself to level 8.
Step 3. Once you've reached level 8, It's time to start your grinding journey in PKO!

Sorry i don't provide coords, check the official website for coords. Don't be lazy! =P

:Leveling Spot Guide:

Level 8 - 14
- Sailor Penguin (West, not far from Icicle Town)

Level 14 - 20
- Killer Shroom (West, not far from Silver Mine)

From level 20 onwards, it's best to find a party.

Level 20 - 27
- Feral Wolf [Magical Ocean]

Level 27 - 33
- Grassland Wolf (North, not far from Vahalla Haven)

Level 33 - 40
- Vampire Bat, Miner Mole, Mud Monster, Ninja Mole (Abandon Mine)

By now you'll realize, Voyagers are you best leveling partners! =P

Level 40 - 49
- Treant (North East from Chaldea, Aprox: 1min walk)

Island Teleporter Silvius (2248, 2853) Located at Argent Town. She is able to teleport you to the following Isles:
- Zephyr Isle
- Glacier Isle
- Outlaw Isle
- Isle of Chill
- Canary Isle
- Cupid Isle
- Isle of Fortune

Level 49 - 59
- Navy Rifleman, Northern Pirate Sailor, Northen Pirate Fighter, Northern Pirate Militia (Isle of Chill) *Navy Rifleman only spawn at North shore of the island.*

Level 59 - 63
- Beardy Pirate Sailor, Beardy Pirate Fighter, Beardy Pirate Militia (Isle of Fortune)

Level 63 - 77
- Lizard Warrior, Evil Tribal Warrior (Summer Island) [Check PKO forum for map] *You can only get there by ship

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Guide Of The Day [SUMMARY][Class] Crusader Cheatsheet and Training Guide {Gem}

From now onwards ill try to post a guide about PKO from PKO websites and other places ok here is today's Guide!

Your primary concern, first and foremost, will be your resulting attack speed with the gear you'll end up with... and doing the necessary steps to do the needed adjustments to your base stats. As I've already stressed time and time again, you're aiming for 210 base ASPD (or 140 during your earlier levels), and by base I mean your ASPD without using any buffs. If you end up short, then you'd have to raise your AGI or pick an ASPD-boosting equipment. On the other hand if you overshoot, you'll want to either reset, or pick something that gives less AGI/ASPD bonuses but gives you a decent boost to your base damage. As it is, how to go about this is very open-ended at the moment, but I'll try and take a dip into this pool with some general equipment builds that you're likely to be wearing ingame.

Oh and one of the items that makes this so darn easier, the Sparkling Ring of Fish Scale or as I fondly call it, the ASPD ring, obtainable by finishing this bit of the story quest (towards the end of part 1)...

Find Luke (1321,583).

Obtain the following :
Skeleton Fish Scale 0 / 12 (Magical Ocean : Lv 27 Skeleton Fish - Left side of Shaitan Habour)

Bring 12 Skeleton Fish Scale to Master Kerra (2664, 654) at IceSpire Haven.

Obtain the following for Master Kerra (2664, 654) :
Radiant Soul : (Deep Blue : Lv 45 Undead Archer - 2746,450)
It is near Icespire Haven.

Go back and talk to Luke(1321,583)

Equipment Classification

Even though the game is filled with a lot of equipments for various levels, and add to that the fact that there are multiple selections of equipments at certain levels, I'd like to classify these equipments into any of the following archetypes:

1) AGI boosters - equipment that provides AGILITY bonuses
2) ASPD boosters - equipment that provides ATTACK SPEED bonuses
3) Hybrid boosters - equipment that provides both types of bonuses

So, which of these 3 types of equipments would be best for you?

1) Going for pure AGI boosting equips may make you end up with a very good dodge but it will take a lot of AGI to reach our target ASPD of 210. Based on the above table, you get an average of 1.24 ASPD per AGI, so you could imagine how much total AGI you'd need to arrive at 210... that's a whole lot! o.O

2) Going for ASPD boosters will work too, but without a decent AGI to start with, there will be little to boost (no use having, say... 100% ASPD boost when your base ASPD from your AGI is only 2 -> making your resulting ASPD 4...). Taking into account the average crusader (who'd have a relatively good sum of AGI), relying on ASPD boosters will make you too dependent on those ASPD-boosting equipment due to the substantial increase in ASPD, which no amount of AGI boosters can provide as easily... think of it this way, you have 70 AGI with your full equipment and receive a 10% ASPD boost from a Blade of Enigma, that means you gain 10% more ASPD from your base ASPD due to your AGI, this in conjunction with other ASPD boosting eqs and skills like blood frenzy could easily translate it into more than 80 ASPD. Doing it the raw AGI way will take you around at least 64 more AGI (or about 50+ if you consider blood frenzy). Another advantage this gives is that you can reset more points of AGI and place it elsewhere where it can be more useful (STR or CON).

3) Going for both boosters will give the best compromise between stat points allocation and dodge levels. I might not need to explain much about this cause it pretty much takes both advantages of the previous 2 methods but only at a lower magnitude. This method is the safest and most cost-effective way to go about achieving your desired stats.

Definition of Terms for this section
Operating AGI - the minimum amount of AGI needed to maintain our target ASPD
Operating base AGI - the minimum base AGI (agility without equipment) needed to maintain our target ASPD

Pay attention to the archetypes as I have mentioned earlier... knowing which archetype you're gonna end up with and taking note of the operating AGI level from the few examples above will give you an idea precisely how much AGI you will need to pump. Let's say you found a couple of tempest wyrms, say +4 and +3 AGI each... you already know that wyrms give 5% ASPD so they fall under the "5% ASPD + AGI" archetype. You will also note that you will want to end up with 76 AGI (71 AGI with the ASPD ring) while wearing all of your equipment, regardless of how much AGI each armor / weapon piece gives you. So basically you'll want to keep forging Wind and adding AGI until you reach the desired AGI level then stop and finally start focusing on your STR.

Hopefully this will cut down a lot on those new threads about stats advisory.

We all know that hybrid stat pets still suck when it comes to levelling them up, since they tend to fail more often whenever fed with stat fruits... so we will stay away from them. With that in mind, here's a few of the setups I would recommend, and their possible practical applications ingame:

1) Pure Str Fairy of Strength / Pure STR Mordo Jr.
This will most probably be the most obvious choice for most slashers. By doubling the amount of STR you get from your pet, it will raise your slash power considerably. A temporary but cheap way of getting that bonus damage without having to spend a lot on getting better equipment. This is best suited for guerilla warfare or sniping out opponents during pvp situations.

2) Pure STR Fairy of Constitution
Slashers normally depend on their slash power during most situations - be it during levelling or pvp. However there are many times where crusaders wished they had more def and hp for even a short while just so they can stay alive longer and do more heroics. This is probably the pet for you. Before dashing into your opponents, simply cast possession then go into stealth, then pop up right in their faces, slash one of them and stun another one while receiving damage from their side. KAMIKAZE!

3) Pure CON Fairy of Strength
For the same reasons as above, but more suited to CON crusaders. If you usually find yourself wishing you had a boost to your damage, even for a short while, then this is the best setup for you. This would also be great for champs, who need to tank but at the same time yearn to do some damage during those big encounters in mazes or gw. This is not a champ guide so I won't focus on how GREAT it is for champs :x

You might be wondering why I didn't include a pure CON fairy of constitution, or a pure con mordo. While they make for good tanks, just remember that we want a slasher here :)

Crusader Solo Power-Levelling Guide
"Bullying Higher-level Mobs Properly With Your Slash" 101

Illusion slash never misses, unlike our normal swings. A typical crusader will usually have a rather low hitrate due to the lack of ACC, and we'll mostly have to rely on our equipment to make up for the lack of it. The way I pick on which mobs to grind on, depends on several factors:

1) Mob solo exp rate
2) Spawn rate/number
3) Slash requirement - the number of slashes it takes for me to kill one
4) Survivability/Danger level - how hard I get hit by them, and how often I have to rest
5) Accessibility/Location - the way the mobs are arranged in an area

You'll find yourself depending more on your slash the higher your level is, or technically, the level of mobs you're grinding on. If you're like me, who's patient or stubborn enough to save gems for worthy equipment, that means that until you do get those equipment you'll be slightly crippled in some aspects. I used to dual wield dance of evanescence each forged only with +3 rage, as I never wanted to risk wasting extra gems on these swords. I'd rather fool around with blades of enigma than with these. I'm starting to ramble now, but what I'm pointing out is that starting at your 50s and most especially your early 60s, you'll be relying a lot on your slash damage, until you manage to recover your lack of hitrate by forging lustrious onto your gauntlets like mad, or getting a high enough level (+2 hitrate per level).

Let's use my current character as an example. I have a level 72 crusader and that means that I can only get good experience from at least lv68 monsters. Previously at lv71, I'd either solo at Isle of Fortune or Lone Tower lv1 (sometimes lv2 or 3), or party up at Summer Island. To kill each mob at Lone Tower or Isle of Fortune requires me to dish out 1 slash. Killing the lv72 evil tribal warriors requires me to do 3 slashes. From those Lone/Fortune mobs, I'd get around 4.4-4.6k of exp per kill, while I'd get 12k exp per lv72 tribal at summer.

If you look at it closely, lone/fortune is still a good place for me to train solo because each slash I send out is guaranteed over 4k exp, while I have to give 3 slashes at summer before I'll gain 12k. That translates into an average of 4k exp per slash on summer, vs a 4.4-4.6k exp at lone tower or isle of fortune. So we can scratch out summer soloing for now. Then there's the matter of mob spawn locations. Fortune has pretty much packed spawns in several areas, making the interval between kills much shorter than at lone tower. That makes the Isle of Fortune a very attractive soloing spot based on my current Illusion Slash damage. Summer will only be a viable option for me if I can get to kill them within 2 slashes, that means an "average" of 6k per slash, which is much higher than the Lone/Fortune exp/slash rate.

Auto-casting is your friend

You can "Auto Slash" (AS) by holding down your shift key while you'd click on the mob with the skill. I always use this method for my "Hit and Run" (HnR) technique of powerlevelling myself (think SS hit and run, only with slash, and having to run like hell with mobs running at you with normal speed). When you're doing this, you'll eliminate the need to click skill/press hotkey to slash, all you'll have to do is to worry about where to move. If you happen to move farther than the slashing range, and when your skill has done cooling down, your character will automatically run closer to the mob and slash it. You could simply click on a spot away from your current location to "run" while IS is cooling down again.

Aggro Radius

Once you're into HnR, you'll want to study the surroundings a bit, and observe the aggressive range radius of each monster on that spawn spot. I define the Aggro Radius as this invisible circle from which the monster starts turning back once they reach its edge. You would want to use that radius to your advantage while engaging in AS HnR

How they all go together
When you do an effective AS HnR - especially on non-ranged monsters - you'll never get hit at all, which kinda makes our high dodge useless, but who cares, at least it's there in case we screw up the HnR and ran too close to another monster. But anyway, as I've been saying - we're not making full use of our dodge. That kind of allows us keep sacrificing our agility in favour of strength (trading dodge for more damage, while keeping the 210 aspd of course). This is ideal for a slasher build.

To do this effectively, lure them out and try to get as close as you can to the Aggro Circumference (just a notch outside), and they'll start moving erratically. You could either:

1) Keep AS'ing from there
2) Slash, Stun, Melee + Slash, AS

Oh the Disclaimer!

Oops i almost forget to put the disclaimer! here isit..

All pictures and and some sentenses belong to sing gium and moliyo i do not own any of it and i just posted them for people to view them easily from this blog. some of the posts that i post are actually guides from respectively diffrent people and all of the wording belongs to them. happy copyright.[if u get the pun]

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Okay ..

Okay now that the basics are over and done with let me improvise about myself.

i am a level 75 crusader in piratekingonline and i reckon that i am at a quite good level as the maximus level is 99 if i am not wrong. and i personally prefer crusaders to other classes as alot of people say that most of the PKO players are crusaders. but not to say that the other jobs are not good they are good but most people prefer crusaders as they and do high melee and attack quite fast and they can so a long range skill called Illusion Slash. and if highly forged [will explain more on forging later] can also tank[have alot of defence and hp]

u can find me in the crete server as ZhenWeiTheCruz.